All Guns, No Butter

The House Appropriations Committee approved $649 billion dollars in DoD spending. Of course, this is only a portion of the military bill.

House lawmakers, trying to deal with a $1.4 trillion U.S. deficit and a $14 trillion debt, trimmed Obama’s Pentagon base budget total by nearly $9 billion, approving $530 billion plus nearly $119 billion for overseas contingency operations like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is about 18 percent of Obama’s $3.7 trillion budget proposal.

It is, nevertheless, a staggering amount of money. One has to ask, why? Who are we planning on fighting?

The institute notes that the United States accounted for virtually all of the increase in world military spending in 2010.

And because the United States has the world’s largest economy, its share of world military spending is outsized, accounting for 43 percent of all the military spending on Earth — six times as much as China, which has the world’s second largest military budget and accounts for 7.3 percent of world military spending. Russia accounts for just 3.6 percent.

It is ludicrously excessive and we cannot afford it. Way past time to grab that “third rail.” Oh, by the way, apparently Obama is planning on starting yet another war, in Yemen this time. Must be election campaign time and the dog needs wagging.

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