Further Insult

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, proud holder of a ranking as one of the 26 most corrupt members of Congress, has outdone himself. His plan for raising the debt limit is a masterpiece of cynicism and arrogance. Here, in summary, is his plan:

  1. Congress – including the Republican House majority – passes a law allowing President Obama to unconditionally raise the debt limit within certain parameters.
  2. President Obama signs the bill and raises the debt limit.
  3. Congress passes a law revoking the increase.
  4. President Obama vetoes the revocation.
  5. Congress votes to over-ride the veto. Since Republicans cannot muster a 2/3 majority, the over-ride fails.
  6. Republicans return to their districts, claiming that they cannot be blamed for the deficits since they voted against the increase in the debt limit.

I mean, this is shameless beyond belief. He thinks the voters are all idiots and will not understand that their representative voted to give Obama the keys to the vault. Given that he remains in office, I guess maybe he has justification for that belief.

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