Tanks At The Repo Depot?

Apparently Spain has discovered it can’t pay for all the military hardware that it has ordered.

““No deberíamos haber adquirido sistemas [de armas] que no vamos a utilizar, para escenarios de confrontación que no existen y, lo que es más grave, con un dinero que no teníamos entonces ni tenemos ahora”, admitió.

We should not have purchased [weapons] systems that we are not going to use, for scenarios of confrontation that do not exist and, more seriously, with money that we neither had then nor do we have now, he admitted”

The same can and should be said of the U.S., except that the amounts, even in proportion to GDP, are staggeringly larger in the U.S.

Note: I corrected the Google translation. Thanks to Mish’s blog for the link.

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