Congressional Perks

If you ever wondered why so much of your tax money goes to Israel to foster strife in the Middle East, you might find this tidbit interesting:

Eighty-one members of the US House of Representatives—about 20 percent of the total membership—are enjoying a late summer week-long, all-expenses paid trip to Israel.

This hasbara (propaganda) trip happens every other summer (in non-election years), but this year’s excursion to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea comes at a time when voters back home are not thinking about Israel. They are worried about their under-water mortgages and disappearing 401Ks.

Instead of returning immediately to their home districts to answer questions about the US economy, 81 House members are flying to Tel Aviv to demonstrate their loyalty and devotion to a foreign power. They are hoping, of course, as they bolster their standing with AIPAC, that financially-stressed voters will not be told that the 81 are enjoying an all expenses paid visit to Israel.

As always, what surprises me is not that Congress sells favors and earmarks, but that it sells them so cheaply. I mean, if they were getting serious money they would at least get the respect that a successful crook earns, but they are too incompetent to charge fair value for their services. They’re even failures as crooks.

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