Apple Goes Parabolic

AAPL is up another 3%, more or less, as I write. Which is about par for the course, every  day. It’s called going parabolic, but it really isn’t a parabola, y=x^2. Those who stayed awake in high school math will recognize a geometric progression, y=1.03^x in this case.  I just discussed this with my HP-12C and it explained that anyone – yes, anyone – with $585 to buy  a single share will be a billionaire in just 486 trading days, a little less than two years. How cool is that? Anyone can be a billionaire by buying a share of AAPL, and since there are nearly a billion shares outstanding, there are more than enough shares to go around. Assuming, of course, that this behavior of 3% a day continues. The company would be worth $10^18 roughly, a billion billion – a quintillion – dollars.

Not going to happen. These “parabolic” moves always reverse hard. Jeff Gundlach was quoted  as saying that Apple was the short of a lifetime. He’s probably right. He usually is.

Edit: You gotta write fast, these days. Apple is now up 4.5% on the day. No moron left behind, that’s the boyz’ motto. On the other hand, no-one wants Treasuries, it seems. Well, I’ll do my public service and pick up some of the unwanted paper. Just to help out, y’know.

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