The Barons Of Washington

Sen. Charles Schumer has put forward a bill to prevent U.S. citizens from renouncing their citizenship and thence escaping U.S. tax liability. The good Senator is indignant that one of the Facebook founders, about to become indecently rich, who lives in Singapore happens to be a U.S. citizen. Or was, until he renounced his citizenship last year. This is a good example of the political class’s view that the citizenry is the property of the government and exists only to serve the government by providing funds. This is the same view that mediaeval barons bore in relation to the serfs living on their demesnes. I thought we had gotten rid of that.

Any citizen should be able to leave and renounce U.S. citizenship, dispensing with the services and protection of the U.S. government, and of course the associated tax liabilities, for any reason. Or on a whim. Citizens should  not be regarded as property of the ruling Party. The government is there to provide services to the citizens, not the other way around. I realize that government has become so powerful and arrogant that this idea has long been forgotten. But I’m just sayin’.

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