Another Fed Meeting

And guess what? We’re going to get more QE. Of course we are, because it doesn’t work – has never worked and will never work. The percentage of the population employed is the same as it was three years ago. Per-capita GDP is declining. All QE does is create asset bubbles and we are now in the biggest so far, probably the terminal bubble. When it “pops” we will have a very difficult time.


Dear Mr Bernanke. Please stop now. You are crippling investment and thereby de-industrialising the US economy. It will take us years to repair the damage you have already done. Please don’t make it any worse.

Edit: The Washington Times reports: “Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke said Wednesday he doesn’t believe the central bank is feeding a bubble in the stock market by keeping interest rates near zero.” But then he has never yet seen a bubble before it burst.

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