Whip Deflation Now

It seems that inflation is like the cops – they’re there when you don’t want them, but never when you do. Central banks around the world are trying their hardest to create consumer price inflation – for some insane Keynesian reason – but failing miserably. US CPI printed at -0.2% this morning. That, by the way, is deflation. Commodities, especially gold, have been steadily declining in price since their last peak in 2011 while the stock market bubble continues to grow and grow under the care and feeding of the Fed.

Macro data continues poor, but it doesn’t matter until it matters. A valiant attempt to rescue gold from the sellers seems to be failing as gold is only up less than half of one percent as I write, after falling nearly 9% yesterday. But the stock market has recovered pretty much all of its losses of yesterday, thanks to the pumpers. “It’s a good time to buy stocks” they are telling the retail investors. Please.

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