Role Reversal

I thought this was an interesting and perceptive piece – Obama’s anger.

The core of what he’s trying to do, he said at Knox College in Illinois Wednesday, is not to make the economy better or create jobs. It’s to eliminate inequality. He throws in “inequality of opportunity,” but what Obama is really angry about is inequality of result. He’s mad that some people have more than others. That we’re not spreading the wealth around enough. That people are getting ahead even though you didn’t build that. Because at a certain point, you’ve earned enough money.

It’s the politics of resentment, touted by someone who harbors resentment. It’s at bottom the philosophy of, gimme what you got, you rich bastard.

It’s anger. And, as it expressed itself in the speech Wednesday, it wants payback.

From you and me. He keeps telling us that we are better off with him in charge. But it’s a lie, and he knows it.


As government has grown, our standard of living has improved more and more slowly until now, in the Obama era, it is falling at a significant rate. Obama wants to change how a shrinking pie is sliced. I remember the old joke about pre-Thatcher Britain:

An American worker watches a businessman drive by in a Cadillac and says to himself, “Someday I’ll be driving one of those too.” The British worker watches a businessman drive by in a Rolls and says to his mates “Pretty soon we’re going to have him out of that.”

The roles have reversed as Obama leads the politics of envy and disappointment, rather than those of hope and success.

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