Not Again

Secretary of State Kerry was chosen to stand up and tell the people that “WMD” had been used and therefore the US was going to start shooting.

So we’re going to be involved in a sectarian conflict in the Middle East. We know how this ends – it doesn’t. Yes, someone used nerve gas – doesn’t matter who as far as I can tell. It’s an atrocity – but that’s what happens in wars, especially the religious kind. The atrocities must be allowed to continue until the religious themselves get tired of having their children killed and finally tell the nasty old men to go take a hike.

That’s what happened in Europe with the Thirty Years’ War and we owe our modern civilization to that anguish. I’m sorry but the Islamic world has to go through it to burn out the religious fervor and replace it with rationality. Trying to make peace will just prolong the agony, sad as it may be.

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