Self-Inflicted Wounds

When the left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle admits that “Obama sold voters a bill of goods on healthcare” you know the problems are immense. Not only is the fragile IT infrastructure a disaster area, but the basic premise turns out to be false.

Now that the exchanges are open for business, people who already have individual coverage have something new to not like: sticker shock. The Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable after all.

Last week, I began hearing from readers whose individual policy premiums are going up, not down. A local architect sent me a notice he received from Kaiser informing him that his individual coverage will increase by $199.95 per month, or 78.9 percent. When he added his two sons, the percentage increase was even greater.

A freelance journalist told me she made $98,000 last year. But she and her retired husband, both 51, wouldn’t pay $7,200 in premiums for high-deductible coverage. It’s cheaper to pay the fine, she said. Besides, she added, “we’re healthy.”

I’m guessing that the Repubs figure that all they  have to do is keep their mouths shut while the whole thing melts down, on the principle of “when your enemy is shooting himself in the foot, don’t upset his aim.” If the healthy don’t pay, then it doesn’t work. Period.

Meanwhile, his “hearts and minds” campaign, apparently based on hyper-testosteroned jackbooted park rangers making sure no-one dares enjoy the National Parks, is really starting to anger people. And he is the target of their anger. Nice one. People aren’t that stupid.

Oh, and by the way. Let’s be clear. He is negotiating. He’s just not making concessions – instead he is practicing what used to be called Soviet-style negotiation – i.e., do what I want or I blow up the world. We all know how far that got the Soviets in the end.

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