Cheap Suit

It appears that Mr Boehner, as predicted here, has folded again without any gain for his positions and without the consent of his party.

In a parliamentary system of course the failure of a majority party to carry its way would result in an election. Here it merely illustrates the poor design of the US system. It was designed by idealists who would be horrified by the corruption and self-dealing we have today, to say nothing of the ossified “two-party system” which was one of their greatest fears.

I suppose the good news is that the frustration of the “tea party,” which at least partially understands the coming economic collapse, will only serve to shorten our wait for the final collapse. The soon-to-be-anointed Ms Yellen is also a confirmed member of the Keynesian idiot brigade and will also help shorten our wait.

I’m ready and thoroughly fed up with the “something-for-nothing” majority. The takers are about to run out of makers.

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