Beanie Babies

Previous bubbles have been notably accompanied by wild speculation in odd commodities. Such as the captioned Beanie Babies and of course the toys in Happy Meals – don’t you remember people buying Happy Meals and throwing away the food because all they wanted was the toys.

It seems this bubble, the biggest yet, is similarly marked. The object of speculation is electronic currency, the biggest is which is Bitcoin. Electronic currency is “mined” by running an algorithm which calculates new tokens representing… well, new tokens. Apparently so much of this is now going on that there is a shortage of graphics cards which are used to boost the speed of the algorithm.

The price of Bitcoin tokens has been swinging wildly, moving by 50% or more in a single day. People take this seriously. UFB. At least with Beanie Babies and McDonalds toys you have a toy to play with or give to a small person.

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  • r  On December 15, 2013 at 10:55 am

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