The Casino

I saw someone complaining that the stock market had become a casino. I wish that it were so. That would be a huge improvement over the present situation. For example:

  • Casinos publish the rules, play by the rules and effectively enforce the rules. The rules are clear and simple, and are the same for everyone. The rules don’t change once the game has started.
  • The casino is satisfied with the odds built into the rules. It sees no need to cheat because cheating is bad for business. It wants you to keep playing.
  • The casino’s representatives – the dealers and croupiers – actually want you to win. Their main source of income is tips, which come from happy customers and winners are happy customers.
  • The play is right in front of you and is fully transparent. You can see all the other players and follow the dealing and play. What you see is all there is.
  • There is free food and drink (well not really free, but… )
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