Quis Custiodet Ipsos Custodes?

Black Americans are protesting the recent flurry of police shootings as if they were racist in nature. And maybe those were to some extent, but the reality is that police forces across America have become an army of occupation, working to raise money for oppressive and excessive government. Remember that 47% of households escape income taxes, so government uses law enforcement instead, raising money with revenue-producing “violations.”

Eric Garner – “I can’t breathe” – was killed during his arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes. The now-notorious town of Ferguson intends to tighten the screws in 2015:

“There are a number of things going on in 2014 and one is a revenue shortfall that we anticipate making up in 2015,” Blume said. “There’s about a million-dollar increase in public-safety fines to make up the difference.”

Is that because there will be more crime in Ferguson? Of course not, it simply means that abusive policing will increase. That should really help calm the situation in Ferguson. And then there are the asset forfeitures, which have become essentially highway robbery.

Municipalities have come to rely on confiscated property for revenue. Police and prosecutors use forfeiture proceeds to fund not only general operations but junkets, parties, and swank office equipment. A cottage industry has sprung up to offer law enforcement agencies instruction on how to take and keep property more efficiently.

The Second Estate, the “noblesse de robe,” has lost its way. “Noblesse oblige” has been replaced by “Noblesse s’enriche.” Be careful out there, they are out to get you. The political class realizes that the citizenry is becoming restive and therefore is militarizing the police in self-defense. Conflict is inevitable because the expansion in credit which has financed the wealth of the political class is reaching (or has reached) its limits. Not going to end well.

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