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Sorry, not financial. Definitely a rant.

“If your great and powerful religion – presumably a well established, deeply devout, time-honored vehicle of fervent moral goodness, one that’s directed by an all-seeing, all-knowing supreme deity of love who inhabits and animates all of time and space at once, if your grand creation cannot tolerate a joke, cannot stand to be criticized, is too weak to abide even the most silly or disrespectful of left-wing jabs from a single tiny human, your religion is no religion at all, and should perhaps consider another line of work.

It’s an easy rule to scale up, to apply to issues both dire and recent. How small, pathetic, vengeful must your god be that he/she/it cannot be casually depicted by a satirical newspaper, without threat of violence or death? How cowardly and untenable is your faith’s message that teasing about it might lead believers toward “false” gods or (heaven forefend) independent thinking?”

— Mark Morford, SF Chronicle

“Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum”

— Lucretius, 99BCE-55BCE (The practice of religion leads people to practice evil)

“We must not be scared of saying the words: this is a terrorist attack carried out in the name of radical Islam”

— Marine Le Pen

She says the attack was intended to create fear, and has done so, but “It is my responsibility to make sure that the fear is overcome, this attack must instead free our speech about Islamic fundamentalism. We must not be silenced”. You go, girl. I’m sick of the politicians attempting appeasement. This cowardly act has everything to do with religion and Islam. These behaviors are encouraged and directed by the leaders of Islam with their fatwas and death lists. Enough.

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