The War On Cash

The Keynesian central bankers believe that they can manipulate people into spending their money rather than saving. It is of course, completely insane because saving and investment are the backbone of a healthy economy. But that doesn’t matter to these people, who believe that consumption drives the economy. Therefore the idea of saving is anathema and the consumer must be encouraged to pile on more and more debt.

Their preferred manipulation strategy is to punish “idle” cash by inflating it away – hence the 2% inflation goal. This isn’t happening so now plan B arises – simply make interest rates negative so that “idle” cash simply disappears. They like this less, of course, because, unlike inflation, it is immediately and directly visible. But so be it, they say.

The bottom line is that the government is the enemy of the citizenry as it seizes every opportunity and strategy to strip the economy of saving and investment and suck every available resource into government consumption and vote-buying transfer payments.

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