Thursday of this coming week will see the UK vote on whether or not to leave the EU. It seems bizarre that the most important decision in many years to be taken by UK voters is being heavily influenced by the murder of MP Jo Cox, committed by a mentally ill individual. But, at least over the weekend, that indeed seems to be the case

(zero hedge)

It would be ironic if that individual’s actions changed enough minds so that voters continue to impose the EU’s arrogant, imperious, un-elected and costly bureaucracy on themselves.

If the decision is not to leave, then British voters will likely be faced with a nasty surprise, as the EU has quietly put on the back burner, until after the vote, a decision to impose direct taxation rather than relying, as it has to date, on contributions from member governments. The EU, as I understand it, plans to make use of a loophole in the treaty that allows it to directly levy “green” taxes. This loophole will be interpreted as allowing energy to be taxed. Presumably grass and trees will be next.

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