A Victory For Democracy

80% (more or less) of British voters turned out to vote yesterday and stunned the British and European establishments by voting to leave the EU.

Many people do not understand that the EU is deliberately anti-democratic. The architects of the EU, their countries in ruins after WWII, had as their primary objective preventing anything like WWI and WWII from ever happening again. No argument there, but the fact that Hitler and the Nazis had been democratically elected led them to conclude that democracy could not be trusted. So the European parliament is only a rubber stamp for the bureaucracy – it cannot originate legislation, which can only come from the un-elected Commissioners.

This imperious rule is ultimately, in my opinion, what caused the British to leave. Turning over sovereignty to distant technocrats was fine when they ruled with a light hand, but in recent years they have become increasingly heavy-handed and oppressive.

Britain may be the first to leave but it will not be the last.

British voters heard the arguments and decided.

The Telegraph’s chief political correspondent, Christopher Hope, put the referendum into historical context.

The 2016 EU referendum is set to the biggest uprising against the people who run the UK since the Peasants Revolt in 1381.

Britain’s bosses, politicians, church leaders, sports stars, bankers, economists and celebrities told the people to vote to Remain in the EU.

And (by the look of it now) the people sent back a massive V sign. Democracy indeed.

The V sign, in the UK, does not mean what you think it means.

Markets are roiled. Of special note, Treasury bond futures are up 7 handles. Wow.

Edit: Excellent piece here in the Daily Mail.


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