Apparently there are 650,000 messages on the family laptop that is or was shared by Ms Abedin and Mr Weiner.

It seems very likely to me that this laptop has been syncing to Mrs. Clinton’s private server for years, at least Ms. Abedin’s account on it and possibly others, for example if Ms Abedin had been acting as a proxy and logged it in under Mrs. Clinton’s account it would have synced with it. It would not be unusual for a PA to do this.

When the server was scrubbed, the laptop was apparently never afforded the opportunity to connect and sync to the deletions. It is therefore likely that the laptop contains many of the deleted emails that Mrs. Clinton presumably hoped never to see again. The sheer volume is staggering, but I presume that at this point someone is building some tools to analyze the pile in an automated fashion.

Anyway, it should provide a record that will likely prove a massive embarrassment, if not worse. We’ll see.

In the meantime, the farce is still with us.

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