The War On Peace

The most dangerous enemies of peace and freedom are not the Chinese, the Russians or even the North Koreans, but the TLAs – the three-letter agencies of the U.S. government – such as the CIA, NSA, NRO, etc.

Edward Snowden did us all a huge service by publicizing their over-reach. These agencies spend enormous amounts of money on themselves with little or no oversight, much of which is concealed in “black” budgets. They are insulated from U.S. society, to the point that employees and their families are forced to cut their ties with non-employees and socialize only with their fellows (because secrecy). They work to foster conflict and fear in order to maintain their status and expand their reach – and, of course, their spending. Politicians fear the agencies, which know where the bodies are buried and which closets contain skeletons – as we recently saw when Chuck Schumer publicly warned Donald Trump not to cross them. There is a carrot as well as a stick, as the contractors who benefit from the spending make sure to keep money flowing into the politicians’ wallets.

These agencies form the core of the “deep state.” We should not be spending any time worrying about the Russians interfering in our elections. The real threat is much closer to home. It is past time to rein them in.

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