Delta Demon

The writers who opine about these things claim that the selling in the last couple of days is due to fears of new lockdowns as a result of the spread of the Delta variant.

Perhaps this is so, and perhaps there will be new lockdowns. But the lockdowns will be to exert political power only, because the data show that there is nothing to fear – except political arrogance and megalomania.  Yes, the Delta variant is more infectious and has led to an increases in cases. However, the case rates have not caused an increase in hospitalizations or deaths. This is the normal course of evolution of viruses, where they become more infectious but less dangerous. Pay no attention to governors drunk with power or to Dr. Fauci, “I am the science”, political science that is, who should long ago have been removed from office pending an investigation into his role in the funding of the research that led to the escape of the virus from the Wuhan lab.

delta weakness

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