The War On Covid

Biden today stated that he wanted the US to be the “vaccine armory” for the world.

The choice of words is revealing. Big Pharma has acquired equal status with the military-industrial complex. That’s why he is pushing vaccines. Big Pharma wants the pandemic to keep going and going and going so the money keeps flowing and flowing and flowing. With a small side stream into politicians’ pockets.

The problem for us peasants is that vaccination doesn’t work. Israel is the most-vaccinated country yet is unable to control the surge. The virus can mutate faster than the vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective against the delta strain, according to Israeli data.

The use of ivermectin would cut off the money flow. We can’t have that. The home treatment packs deployed in India cost $2.65 each. Where’s the profit in that? Just turn up the propaganda. Here’s a tip: search Google for “which countries are using ivermectin”. Now try the same search with Duckduckgo. Compare the results and go from there.


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