A Crack In The Wall

The Attorney-General for the state of Nebraska was asked by the Department of Health and Human Services for a legal opinion as to whether it was lawful for a healthcare provider to prescribe HCQ or ivermectin for the early treatment of the Wuhan virus. His response was that there was no legal impediment to so doing. Further, his comprehensive opinion is a damning indictment of the efforts of Big Pharma and its lackeys to discourage or prohibit such usage.

It is clear that the Big Pharma orchestrated strategy of only using vaccines is a failure. The daily death toll is an indication of this. Vaccination has failed in many countries for a variety of reasons – non-compliance, vaccine failures (breakthroughs), logistics, mutations, etc. But it doesn’t matter. 1,600 people are dying in the US every day from the virus. It is time – long past time – to deploy early treatment, adopting the methods of countries or states that have successfully suppressed the virus. Just doing what works.

Flips Flop

Zillow has announced that it is “pausing” its algo-driven flipping program after buying more than 3,800 properties during the second quarter. Zillow claims operational capacity limitations, but anecdotal evidence suggests that it has a lot of properties on its hands that it has been unable to unload at a profit.

Could it be that the housing bubble is “pausing?”

Bond Bubble

CPI reported this morning to hold at 5.4%. Historically, the average real yield on the 30-year Treasury is about 3%. This means that the 30-year should be yielding in the mid 8% range. Instead, it is yielding 2.05%, thanks to Powell et al. Crazy.

Edit: Strong auction today, pushing down 30yr yield. Short yields (2,5) increased though, so this is a bear flattening that will likely end up with a recession-signalling inversion.

Well-Meaning or Just Plain Corrupt?

Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technology that allowed early deployment of vaccines against the Wuhan virus, asserts that he and others are being targeted for publicly advocating for early treatment of the virus, specifically with ivermectin. “Ivermectin works, I used it myself“. For more, search “malone ivermectin” on DuckDuckGo, not Google.

I’m fully vaccinated with Moderna, not anti-vax, but the campaign to suppress or supply misleading information about ivermectin and HCQ is costing many lives and is shameful. It’s all about the money, honey. Just look at the Indian states and others successfully using early treatment with generic drugs, caring for people not government power trips and Big Pharma profits.

Government Guarantee

One thing you can always count on is the unwillingness of government to admit failure. Government’s response to a failing strategy is to double down. And it never works. The contemporary case in point is vaccination as a strategy to combat the Wuhan virus. While the mRNA vaccines are an amazing breakthrough in technology which will pay huge dividends in the years to come, they, like many a brilliant strategy, have been defeated by logistics. Distribution and administration are just too slow, to say nothing about legitimate concerns over side effects given the lack of a track record “in the wild.” The result is that the virus has outmaneuvered them. Mandating vaccination is the double down. Ask Israel if that works.

The bureaucracy, led by Fauci, is a prisoner of Big Pharma. You know, the folks who brought us Oxycontin. How the bureaucrats can ignore the successes in India and elsewhere with early treatment and live with their consciences as they watch the death toll climb is beyond my understanding. The Merck pill? At around $720 for ten pills – well I guess that can be approved, except for the fact that it is mutagenic – like thalidomide, except we know it going in. Warning people should work, and if it doesn’t then it’s those stupid illiterates’ fault, not ours.

Censorship and propaganda are keeping the failure hidden from most people. But that won’t work forever.


The US has just reached the dismal milestone of 700,000 deaths from the Wuhan virus. Many have died unnecessarily as the US continues to pursue the enrichment of Big Pharma, following the lead of one of the original causes of the pandemic, Anthony Fauci. Merck and Pfizer have testing of ivermectin-like drugs underway, which will be vastly more expensive but that’s the price of government corruption.

It is important to remember that you, as a citizen, are not the government’s client. You can be taxed at the point of a gun, there is no need to do your bidding. The FDA’s client is Big Pharma. The Post Office’s clients are the Junk mailers. The Defense Department’s client is the defense industry. And so on.

JPM Fail

JPM sees the effects but denies the cause. How long can the corrupt continue to hide reality?

Different Strategies

Countries using ivermectin country-wide, partially in some states or regions, or no government support for its use. Data from Stat and OneDayMD.com. Slovakia has a * because it recently shut off ivermectin and cases headed higher. Obviously timing and extent of adoption differs, look to the sources to dive deeper. Objective is to encourage people to do their own work.

Screenshot 2021-09-19 140519


If you allocate $1 into SPY, that means 6 cents into AAPL, 6 cents in MSFT, 4 cents into GOOG/L, 4 cents in AMZN, 2 cents into FB. That is 22 cents of every $1 into 5 stocks.

If you allocate $1 into QQQ, that means 11 cents into AAPL, 10 cents in MSFT, 8 cents into GOOG/L, 8 cents in AMZN, 4 cents into FB. That is 41 cents of every $1 into 5 stocks.

The Top Of The Cycle

Jeremy Grantham is the expert on bubbles. This interview was a month ago, but is still extremely relevant. I recommend reading the whole transcript.

Jeremy Grantham (02:15):
I wouldn’t say necessarily, that we’re at the peak, I think it’s clear that we’re deep into bubble territory. Bubbles are characterized typically at the end of a long bull market by a period where they accelerate, and they start to rise at two or three times the average speed of the bull market, which they did last year, of course. And the Russell 2000 actually went up an amazing 50% in three months, ending in early February this year, which compares very favorably to the 50% rally in ’99 of the super tech bubble. And the NASDAQ went up 50% in six months. So, this was bigger and better.

Jeremy Grantham (03:01):
And, of course, they’re always extremely overpriced by average historical standards. And this one, there are a few people who would still argue that 2000 was higher, but most of the data suggest that this is the new American record or highest-priced stocks in history. And then, there’s the most important thing of all, which is crazy behavior, the kind of meme stock, high participation by individuals, which has kind of tripled in 18 months to an abnormally high level, enormous trading volume in penny stocks, enormous trading volume in options, and huge margin levels, peak borrowing of all kinds.

Jeremy Grantham (35:21):
No, I am not. I am leaving currency worries to other people. I have enough to worry about. With every real asset category, badly overpriced, that is quite enough for me to worry about. And history is quite complicated enough anyway without attempting to think about every aspect of the system. So, I will leave that to that. What is slightly unusual about this bubble on a global basis is that, yes, real estate has bubbled everywhere and often worse than in the US. Yes, commodities are everywhere. Yes, bonds are everywhere overpriced and interest rates are negligible everywhere.